North Point juniors are ready for their last year of high school.

North Point juniors are ready for their last year of high school.

Melanie Battle, Editor-in-Chief

2019. This is the year that hundreds of North Point students have been anticipating for years. It is the year that opens the door to a million and one possibilities for many young adults. It is the year that the class of 2019 graduates.

The 2018-19 school year is the final year of high school for roughly 400 NP students and they couldn’t be more excited. At North Point, being a senior means having the privilege to wear black on class color day and being able to sit in the back of the gym during the pep rally which is only reserved for the seniors. It means being honored with all the things that underclassmen cannot have, being first priority. Being a senior at North Point means sitting at the top of the food chain, letting everyone know who runs the student body.

So many students are thrilled to be done with high school and are ready to take on the world after graduation. Junior Amari Williams exclaims, “I’m happy that I’m finally graduating. I can’t wait to leave and start new beginnings.” Others are ready to bask in their achievements. “I feel relieved and accomplished,” junior Chase Sylver divulges. Everyone is ready for something new and being able to graduate in less than a year helps to make that happen.

“I wish I was going to be a senior, then I’d be able to take tuxedo pictures,” sophomore Warren Whitaker shares. Underclassmen are ready for their turn, but alas, they have to wait just like everyone else. The class of 2019 is more than prepared for their last year of high school. Good luck to the rising seniors in their final year at North Point.