Clubs and More Clubs…

Clubs and More Clubs...

Sydni Parker, Staff Writer

Here at North Point we have an hour-long lunch period called NEST. Students are free to use this period to eat, study, socialize, or join clubs. There are many clubs ranging from Meditation club to Martial Arts club.  Since there are so many, you’re bound to find something that you’re interested in. There are plenty of opportunities to start a new hobby and make new friends!

Do you have an interest in Korean culture and music? Then KPOP club is for you! Every week K-Club meets is an opportunity to learn the language, eat food, listen to music, dance, and explore the culture! When asked what their favorite part about K-club was, one member answered, “I love how I can be myself and show my passion and love for KPOP and its culture and not be judged. Also that I’m around people with my same interest” The club’s goal for the end of the year is to plan a trip to KCON, an annual Korean wave convention. If you are interested, KPOP club meets on Fridays 1st half of NEST in room M103.

If you have an interest in photography then you may want to check out the Photography Club. Daniel, the clubs president says “it’s basically a place where people who love photography meet with each other”. Soon they’ll be starting a photo project where members work with each other (or alone, if they so desired) to work on storytelling with their photography. The Photography club meets on Mondays during the 1st half of NEST in room 301.

Both of these clubs provide great opportunities to make new friends, further develop your interests, or even to start something you’ve never tried before! If neither of these are for you don’t worry there are tons of other clubs available during NEST. Now get out there and try something new!