The End is Just the Beginning

Erica Rigoroso, Staff Writer

The start of a new year brings in many prospects for the future for the students here at North Point. For the freshman class, their high school journey has just begun; however, for the senior class, they are preparing to continue their journey beyond high school. Without even realizing it, the first semester has come to a close, and the second half of the school year begins. Students and staff alike anticipate the end of the year and for the summer to come, yearning for a break. Underclassmen itch to advance a grade, while graduating seniors are ready to take on the world.

As we get ready for the remaining months of school, many students admit that they are just ready to get the year over with. For seniors, they just want to finally graduate and move on to the next stage of life. Generally, everyone would just like a break from the constant stress of doing work or worrying about grades. School is quite tiring after a while, especially if you are balancing it on top of extra-curricular activities and/or a job.

On the other hand, some students are excited for what is to come during the rest of the year, or in their upcoming years. Christian Rigoroso, Grade 9, says, ā€œIā€™m ready to learn more about the world, and excited to take more courses that interest me as a sophomore next year.ā€ An exciting aspect of the new year indeed, as there are a wide variety of courses to explore as you advance a grade.

With the conclusion of the first semester, we have progressed quite far without even realizing it. Although many students long for summer break, we are only halfway through the year. Like first and second quarter, the rest of the year will pass in the blink of an eye. With this, stay motivated and work hard until the very end.