10th Grade Cosmetology Student Talks About Her Program and Future Careers


Jamila Madison, 10th grade Cosmetology student

Selena Kooy-Bernal, Staff Writer

The Cosmetology program is beneficial to students who wish to pursue a career in fashion, makeup, hair styling, modeling, and more. Jamila Madison is a sophomore currently enrolled in the Cosmetology Program at North Point High School. She expressed a lot of joy when talking about her program and she knows how beneficial the program is to what she wishes to pursue in her future career as a makeup artist for models, actors in movies, and the like. Jamila described her program as “awesome for my creative mind because it allows me to express myself in a physical form.” But every program has a downfall, “It’s a lot harder than you’d imagine. You must learn a lot about the body, skin, cells, and a bunch more. It’s important to learn all of these things since you want future clients and yourself to keep your body safe from products that can harm you.”

Jamila balances her NEST time with cosmetology since she is required to perform certain tasks during non-class hours. “I go in during NEST. I help with cleaning and if I need to make up any work or finish any work I’ll go in and do that as well.” Since she is only a sophomore, she isn’t expected to get clients or perform many other tasks. “Once you are a junior or senior, you have to take about five clients a week during NEST. They can come in for small services like hair shape-ups or maybe eyebrow waxing. Seniors get to start taking trips outside school to apply their cosmetic abilities to people in the community, which is something I look forward to. We also will end up having to make our own business cards which will be fun!”

Being in the cosmetology program, Jamila can achieve a license that will assist her once she graduates high school. “I’ll get a license and so once I graduate, I can easily get into a workplace that best suits my career plans. I want to be able to do makeup for the models in photo shoots or actors/actresses, but maybe not nails. I’d be much more well suited doing facial makeup.”

The program requires a variety of skills. Jamila stated that “you need to have time management and people skills. If you can’t work with certain people in a certain time frame it’s going to be difficult to get the job done.” Altogether, she enjoys her program and the wide range of things she can do. She can learn very important skills that’ll apply not only to potential careers, but also to the world itself. She ended by saying “I really love being in this program. I feel like my future is brighter because of it. Also, I’m beautiful!”