Sweatpants, Hoodies, and Crocs


North Point High School is filled with different personalities and each student has their own style. Yet, lately, several students have been walking through the school doors dressed the same. Sweatpants, hoodies, and crocs. This has been the latest outfit many students have been wearing for a while. Have students gotten lazy with what they wear to school? Is school not a place to show off your new clothes anymore?

I interviewed some students about why so many students come to school dressed in sweatpants and hoodies. Hyro Guevara (’22) and Marquis Everett (’22) explained that students wear this attire because it’s more comfortable to come to school in. “They find it more comfortable, instead of putting on jeans and cargo pants every morning.” (Marquis Everett, ’22).

I then asked whether they thought students have become more lazy when dressing for school, “People have become lazy, but how people dress just depends on how they’re feeling.” (Hyro Guevara ’22).

A senior, Makayla Parker, made a comment about the latest student wardrobe, “A lot of people think students dress up in high school, but once you get here it’s the exact opposite.”

From getting the opinion of these students, I realized that students want to be comfortable in their learning environment. Instead of students dressing up and planning an outfit each day for school, students find it easier to just throw on a simple hoodie and sweatpants. It helps them to learn better and think better when they are comfortable in their environment, especially the environment that they must achieve good grades in.

North Point students are over achievers and they will succeed in any outfit, even sweatpants, hoodies, and crocs.