September Student of The Month:


Christina Hunter and Marus Johnson

Department: JROTC

Teacher: Lt Col Brown

Student’s Grade Level: 12th

This month JROTC is highlighting the accomplishments of the senior students who lead the JROTC program. Christina Hunter and Marcus Johnsonare the Cadet Commander and Cadet Deputy Commander, respectively, of the entire North Point JROTC program. In their capacity as Cadet Commanders, they are responsible for the planning and execution of all activities associated with JROTC. These activities include drill events, community service, academic initiatives and sporting competitions. In addition, they are also responsible for the day-to-day leadership and management of the over 150-member NPHS JROTC cadet corps. Both commanders have a proven track record of outstanding leadership and service in our JROTC unit, school and community. We are honored to recognize both of them as our students of the month. Congratulations and thanks for a job well done!