“We Have a Newspaper?”

We Have a Newspaper?

     Ever since North Point High School was opened in 2005, it has been a place to learn, hangout with friends, and eat delicious cafeteria food.

     We come in every morning, follow a daily routine, then return home to do the same thing the next day. But despite the quality education and up-to-date technology, North Point is missing what students need the most; a voice.

   How do we announce the events that are important to us? And if we have opinions about issues affecting our lives, how else are we supposed to express them?

“Communication leads to community.”

   During this year‘s Coffeehouse, many of us did not sign up for auditions until the last possible day; and many of us may still not know that there’ll be a second show later this month. The more we know, the easier and more effectively we can work together. Therefore, communication is a key element in creating a synergetic environment between these walls.

    Understanding who we are and where we stand brings us together as a student body. Let’s take our current broadcast and word-of-mouth system and put it in print. As students, we are not always heard, our concerns are not always addressed, and our views are not always considered. It’s important that we explore our right of free speech- and begin soon.

    This is what Eagle Eye, North Point’s first online publication, is all about. It is produced by our students for our students, faculty, and community. In a school of more than 2,000 students, what we say matters.

   The Eagle Eye is the first time North Point has ever had an online newspaper.

   By putting it online, it will reduce the amount of money and energy spent on producing something that may eventually end up in the trash. It also makes information readily available to anyone at anytime for free. Going online also offers opportunities that are not available on paper. Photo albums, polls, and even video are just some of the features that will make The Eagle Eye worth something to look at.

    Whether it concerns academics or athletics, lunch or gym, being a part of this publication means that everyone has an equal opportunity to share the ideas that unite us.