Taylor Doukas

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

 I’m a senior. I love kids and to go to a lot of show and concerts. I have and obsession with Miley Cyrus. I like colors.

Describe your style.

 I wear a lot of black with color because it bring out the color best. I also like band shirts, piercing, tattoos, and beads. I think Music reflects what people wear.

Where is your favorite place to shop?

I like shopping online at Merchnow.com. I get a lot of stuff from shows and concerts. I like forever 21.

What is your current favorite color?

It is hard to believe but my favorite color is pink. I can’t wear it alone, it has to be with all the other colors.

What is you next must have item?

Dreads! I want to get them next month.

What is your biggest splurge?

My Mac and buying all of the stuff for it.

What would you tell a student seeking fashion advice?

They should wear bright and crazy colors because they are awesome. The music you listen to should influence what you wear.

What do you think North Point fashion will be like in 2020?

It should be different, nothing like now, and more awesome.

Any thoughts on guys in skinny jeans?


What should we ask the next student?

Do you want to be popular and famous like Lady Gaga? If so, you should join the North Point Illuminati.