Eagle on the Street: Senior Wisdom

Eagle on the Street: Senior Wisdom


After four (or five) years trapped behind these brick walls, North Point says goodbye to its second graduating class. Now that the seniors have experienced high school; what words of wisdom do they have for the underclassmen?

“Don’t slack off in English and don’t sleep in classes that you need to graduate” – Josh Caron


“Don’t stress too much, except for English [class]” – Dillon Gustafon


“Stay out of trouble, do your work, and mind your own business.” – Jazamek Price and Kaila Thompson

“Buckle up and hold on tight. Don’t forget to have fun.” – Erinn Tillman


“Stay focused and live it.” – Will Weeks


“Focus on bettering yourself as a person overall and the rest will come.” – Diamante Spruill


“If I could talk to myself in the past, I’d definitely say join clubs and stick to it, stick to your guns…  The friends you have in the ninth grade could be friends… until college.” – Chela Lacey