After a year of gathering information, attending events, taking photos and interviewing, the North Point yearbook staff is finally selling yearbooks! “It feels so good to finally have the yearboom out. We’ve worked so hard, from after school sessions to barely meeting the deadlines. So to see the final product is amazing,” explained Cierra Johnson (’11).

The title of the book is called The Edge and theme of this year’s yearbook is “It started as a blank canvas… you added the color.” This theme fits very well with the school, because just five years ago, North Point was brand new, and as the years have gone by, the students have helped add a personality or “color” to the North Point. “The theme of the yearbook relates to the school in so many ways. From starting as a blank canvas in the beginning of North Point, the student body has added their own touch to the forever growing school. This particular yearbook means a lot to me because i had the chance to be a part of the yearbook staff and help put it together,” said Tyra Virgil (’11).

The book covers all major events that have taken place this school year including coffee house, the pep rally, and the blizzard of 2010. It also has team photos, and an inside look of what goes on in North Point class rooms.

This year, the yearbook staff felt as if it was important to include as many students in the yearbook as they possibly could. In order to include more students, there is a strip of candid photos on the bottom of the pages. This candid strip also goes along with the theme, because as the book progresses, the photos have more color.

The yearbooks are now on sale and available to all students. You can pick one up during your lunch shift outside of the cafeteria. The cost is eighty five dollars, and they will be sold until they are all gone.

To go along with your yearbook, the yearbook staff has made a spring magazine. It includes prom, coffee house two, and all of the spring sports. You can pre-order one now outside of the cafeteria for three dollars, and they will be delivered to your home room.