Career Research Development

Career Research Development

Juniors in Mrs. Lightfoot’s CRD1 class are preparing to enter the workforce their senior year.

   Everyday at 11:16, a selected group of seniors leave school to work at restaurants, salons, dental offices, hospitals, and even with the government and the Navy. These students are in Career Research Development (CRD). Formerly known as “Co-Op”, it is a work based learning class.

   In class, students learn about resumes, reference pages, covers, customer service, thank you letters, and more. They research the jobs they want to do five years from now and also learn about what to wear, how to behave on an interview, and how to market themselves.

   To be in the CRD program, one must sign up for the class in his or her sophomore year. They would take the CRD1 class during their junior year, then move on to CRD2 where they can enter the workforce. Students must have at least a 70 percent in the CRD1 class, pass an interview, and maintain a 2.0 GPA.

   The first year of the class has been a success so far. Though it may not be an easy class, it is a good way to participate in lots of activities. It gives students an easier transition from high school into the real world. Students have the opportunity to earn money for college.

   Current CRD1 students encourage tenth graders to sign up for the course. Jemicia Williams (’11) says, “I like the class. The information we get will help us next year and later in life.”

   CRD2 students all agree that the class is a great opportunity for students to partake in and find that it is not stressful because they can leave school early.

   “The program is really good, overall. You learn a lot that can take you far. The students in the program have an overall advantage over other high school students,” says Bria Page, who was recently awarded the title of Charles County’s Student of the Year through the program.