A New Eagle to Keep Watch Over North Point

A New Eagle to Keep Watch Over North Point

Entering North Point from its cafeteria end, this school year’s newest addition is impossible to miss. It is a statue of North Point’s mighty mascot, the bald eagle. Resting on a pedestal, guarded by the type of red ropes usually reserved for historically significant artifacts, this gift from the Class of 2011 now dominates the main entrance to school. Posed as if it is about to take flight, the statue keeps an ever watchful eye over the students and teachers rushing by.

While the indoor eagle statue was added just a year after the Class of 2010 erected its own just inside the stadium, Senior Class President Kayci Kirkham (’11) says the class officers have had the idea since their freshman year. “We have been adding details to the plan since.”

The funds to pay for the eagle came from a combination of revenue from daily pizza sales and the annual King’s Dominion field trip. “We didn’t even have to dip into our Prom funds,” Kirkham added.

Taylor Nappi (’13), while not a senior, said “I think it’s beautiful…It’s gorgeous” in reference to the statue. It does “take up a lot of hall space”, however, Gabriel Chan (’13) added.

Lauryn Coombs (’11) is a fan of the statue. “I think that the gift was thoughtful. We set a positive example of how a class should thank their school.”

Kirkham hopes that her class’s gift is remembered by North Point students for years to come. “I hope that it has a legacy and serves as a reminder of our class for future generations,” she said.

Coombs concurred, stating that in fifteen years students “will be mad because we came up with a better gift than they ever dreamed about!”

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