Students and Parents Explore College Fair

Students and Parents Explore College Fair

On Wednesday, September 22, the North Point gymnasium bustled with students and parents for the annual Charles County College Fair. Numerous colleges from surrounding states came to the county to provide information about the colleges they represent. More than 130 schools came to share what their schools had to offer.

Each school representative had their own booth to maneuver and share their school’s unique attributes. Academics were not the only thing students were interested in. Extracurricular activities, clubs, and athletics were also some of the driving factors for students when they were looking at colleges.

“One unique thing about our school is the fact that we have over 100 student organizations,” said the East Carolina representative.  “And if you don’t find one you like, you can create an organization if you have at least ten others and submit the idea to the school.”

Many students say they want to go to college, yet many do not know where they want to go, which is why the college fair is so important. “I think the college fair was beneficial,” said Blair Dowdell (’12), “It showed me colleges I’ve never heard of and broadened by horizon.”

While underclassmen still have time left before college, this years College Fair has proven to be helpful to all of those in attendance.

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