Powder Puff 2010: Proud to Throw Like a Girl

North Point had a good showing of female athleticism this year when several girls came out to rep their classes on the field for Powder Puff Football 2010. Participating ladies in each grade donned their respective Powder Puff t-shirts for the event, coming out strong in North Point’s red, white, yellow, and black hues.

All of the ladies fought hard on the field, especially the sophomore girls, who earned the title of Powder Puff Champions for the 2010 school year. No matter the class, none of the ladies felt shame in ‘throwing like a girl’. Throwing like a North Point girl is no insult these days, as these ladies were throwing, running, and gaining 30 yards a play. The infectious energy of Spirit Week spilled over from the pep rally right into the start of the first game, when ninth graders in white tees and tenth graders in yellow tees made their way onto the field.

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Sophomores v. Freshmen

The game begins with sophomores on the offense, and just as the clock begins its descent to 0:00 Sam Corsey (’13) makes an ambitious 20 yard run for the goal before she’s forced out of bounds.
Then it’s 1st & 10 again, and the sophomores continue to advance up the field, failing to complete one of their passes, but finally succeed in making a touchdown a little more than three minutes into the game.


The freshmen then switch to offense, and fight hard to make it up the field, but the sophomores’ defense keep them from making a touchdown in four plays.

Tenth graders are on the offense again, and before long they’re making their way up the field, when a watchful freshman and Sarah Buffington (’13) catch the football at the same time. The freshman looks with confusion toward the sidelines after Buffington wrestles the ball away from her, and in her lapse of concentration Buffington makes a quick sprint for the goal line—Touchdown Sophomores!


The freshmen get serious now, and make a 30 yard run on their first down, eventually making a touchdown of their own on the last play of the first half of the game.


The second half begins, and the freshmen have their game face on, and score a touchdown 30 seconds into
the third quarter!


3rd Quarter and 4th Quarter go by quickly, with several incomplete passes but an unfazed energy on both sides. The game ends in a tie, and the modest crowd waits in apprehension as each team takes a turn to kick for a winning field goal from the 5 yard line.
Sophomores are up first.

Lindsey Greene (‘13) sways up to the football. Her teammate holds it steady, but not pressed too hard into the ground. The sophomores kick—and the kick is GOOD! The tenth graders cheer among themselves for a moment then quiet down as a freshman kicker and her teammate step up to the line.
The freshman kicks—and the ball falls short..

Final Score: 15-12 SOPHOMORES

Juniors v. Seniors

1st quarter starts, and both teams play hard on both their offense and defense, making it difficult to score. Juniors complete the first touchdown six minutes into the game.


In the heat of it all, both junior coach Ms. Centivany and senior coach Mr. Rivenburg have inched their way onto the outskirts of the field, watching their players intently. Erin Roberts (’11) makes a clean 25 yard throw to a teammate who catches the ball, but who’s flags are pulled from her waist shortly thereafter. It doesn’t get Roberts down, however; she makes a stunning touchdown on the next play, with less than a minute left in
the first half.


The seniors return from half-time fully into the game, and make another touchdown at the start of 3rd quarter.


The game continues, and Jaime Green (’11) runs hard, but misses the chance at an interception when the ball slips from her hands during 4th quarter. Roberts gains more yards for the seniors, but the ball is turned over to the juniors anyway, who score a saving touchdown with 1:40 left on the clock.


Once again, the crowd waits and watches as a kicker from each team steps up to deliver. Juniors go first this time.
And the kick is good! Sam Peoples (’11) steps to the ball with confidence, unfazed. She kicks, and the ball falls short, and the seniors in the stadium groan at the loss. The juniors celebrate, and lift up one of their girls on their shoulders in elation.

Final Score: 15-12 JUNIORS

Championship- Sophomores v. Juniors

Driana Watson (’12) comments on the game after her team wins. “It was tough,” she says breathlessly. “They [the seniors] run fast. But it feels good. I’m glad they didn’t win something, for a change.”
Let the final showdown begin!

A 2-pt safety is called on the first play when someone steps behind the goal line, and the sophomores make a long run for a touchdown, making for an 8-pt lead shortly into the first quarter. Not two minutes later, while juniors have possession of the ball, the player fumbles it, but the sophomores are on the ready and pick it up from the ground, running hard for the goal line, and make another touchdown right under the eleventh graders’ noses.


Junior coach Ms. Centivany quickly calls a timeout to regroup.
When the game resumes, Tiana Woods (’12) tries diligently to make it to the goal. Her flags are pulled from her waist on one play and a flag is called on another, but by the end of the next play she finally gets her


The sophomores retaliate quickly with a touchdown of their own, and briefly go off to the sidelines for some mild celebrating before returning to the field.


During half time, the sophomores dance without a care in the middle of the field to 70’s jam “YMCA” and an old hit of Missy Eliot’s while the juniors strategize on the sidelines.
3rd quarter begins with sophomores on the offense. Handing off the ball on the 2nd down, the sophomore running back crosses the full field for a touchdown!


The juniors come back with a vengeance, and make a mad dash for the goal, but are stopped at the 32 yard line. It’s 4th and goal, the stadium is heavy with excitement, and the juniors sprint for the goal and get the touchdown.


But the sophomores are not giving the juniors any leeway for a comeback. The sophomore quarterback makes a long throw to Buffington, who catches the ball for another sophomore touchdown!


The sophomores are elated, but the game slows a little when Aaliyah Bailey (‘13) doesn’t get back up from the ground. After five minutes, the injured girl can finally get back up and is helped off the field, but the sophomores lose their touchdown for the aggression. North Point girls are no joke!
Play resumes with 4:19 on the clock, and the juniors make a touchdown, fighting to keep a presence in the game.


Soon there’s one minute left on the clock and the sophomores are pausing to deliberate after every play. Then, Greene sees a window of opportunity, and leaps for it, running to the goal herself—touchdownnnnn SOPHOMORES! With thirty seconds left, the game is soon to be over, with a new Powder Puff champion for the year 2010.

Final Score: 32-18 SOPHOMORES

Mrs. Emple, coach for the sophomore class, says her piece after the game. “The sophomore class really deserved this win!’” she exclaims. “They have put a lot of time and effort into learning and practicing our plays. I could not be more proud of them.”

Congratulations to the new Powder Puff Champions—the Class of 2013!