Eagles Crush Hornets at Homecoming

Score: 27-0

The ending days of October always brings cold temperatures to Southern Maryland, and Friday night was no different. Hosting the Great Mills Hornets of St. Mary’s County, the Eagles had intentions of continuing their success another week after beating Leonardtown High School on the road. Boasting a 5-3 record, Great Mills came to the Eagle Stadium hoping for an upset: from the moment they began their first drive, it was obvious that it wasn’t going to happen.

As they run through their brand new eagle tunnel before the start of the game, the varsity football team was excited for the game to begin. Their first drive, though, was disappointing; Quarterback Connor Young (’12) was sacked and fumbled on the first play, and though the eagles recovered the ball, the first drive was a 3-and-out. After another defensive stop, the Eagles got the ball back and started rolling. Wale Onakoya (’11) put the Eagles first points on the board with a 29 yard touchdown run, followed by an extra point made by place-kicker Bryce Fugitt (’12).

Through the first half, the Eagles continued to pour it on the Hornets. At halftime, Head Coach Ken Lane reminded his players that there was still work to do. “We got another half of a show to put on,” shouted Coach Lane. And that they did. By the end of the game, the Eagles won 37-0, led by a 4 TD performance by Connor Crowell (’11). “I didn’t expect it [4 TD’s],”stated Crowell. “We just spread the wealth, and I got lucky to punch some of them in.” Defensive back Jalen Hutchings (’11), on their sloppy start; “There’s four quarters of football. You can’t just fall out in the first half… You gotta play four full quarters.”

“We just need to keep getting better at the end of the year, so going into the playoffs, we are playing our best football,” Coach Lane said with a smile. If the Eagles continue to play the way they have in the past two games, there will be no reason for them to not succeed in the 2010 post-season.

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