Eagle on the Street: What Does Freedom Mean to You?

“Freedom means to be without restrictions, not bound mentally or physically but the optimum state of mind; truly liberated.” -Trey Lyles (’11)

Jada Smith, Sports Editor

According to Webster’s Dictionary, freedom is “the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action.” Poet, Archibald MacLeish said that “freedom is the right to choose.” Novelist, Bernard Malamud believed that “the purpose of freedom is to create it for others.” Freedom means different things to different people. Even North Point students have their own personal view of what freedom is.

Freedom is an important liberty that we all enjoy. Without freedom of speech, religion, assembly, expression, or press, America wouldn’t be the “land of opportunities.” It is up to the citizens to uphold and adhere to the idea of freedom in order to insure a more perfect union for today and an even better union for the future.