Varsity Wrestling Gets Ready for the Season

Varsity Wrestling Gets Ready for the Season

On Tuesday, December 14, members of North Point’s Varsity Wrestling cheer as teammate, Brenden Pond (‘11) successfully pinned his opponent to the ground. By the end of the match, North Point defeated Huntingtown with a final score of 42-32.

With an overall record of six wins and two losses, this season’s goal is to get as many individuals to the state tournament as possible, place in the top three at the conference, and make it to regional duels. To fulfill its high expectations, North Point’s Varsity Wrestling team has a season of conditioning, training, and practice ahead of them.

Head Coach Pauole is happy with how his team is wrestling this season. After graduating eight seniors last year, this year’s team is younger and more balanced with wrestlers in every weight class. The even distribution of wrestlers brings out the team aspect of the more individual based contact sport.

Among the twenty members of the team is returning state place winner and team captain, Anthony Zoscak (‘11). Highly ranked, the team captain’s goal is to become this year’s State Champion. As captain, he pushes his teammates to perform better than himself and encourages them to train harder than he does. “The team is like a chain,” he remarks with pride, “it’s only as strong as its weakest link.”

Though Zoscak enjoys the physical aspect of the sport he says that the hardest part is conditioning. He said, “if I’m not in good shape, I’m not going to perform well.” He keeps himself in shape by eating healthy foods and working out as much as he can.

Kevin Gascon (‘12), John Buffington (‘12), Seth Aportadera (‘12), and SeVaughn Carter (‘12) also have high goals for the state tournament.

Carter holds personal record of four wins and four losses and hopes to place in the conference this year. Though he admits that he could have a better record, he says that he has to keep working harder. “My competitive nature keeps me motivated,” said Carter.

Compared to other sports, he finds wrestling to be especially challenging. “A lot of people can’t do it because it takes a lot of physical and mental strength.” Carter says that it has helped him develop as a person. “ Its made me much stronger and its given me more confidence in myself.”

Like Zoscak, Carter’s favorite aspect of the team is the team itself. “I like my team mates. We always have fun pushing each other,” he said.

Though wrestling is a demanding sport, most of its rewards are personal. “There are only about 150 wrestling programs in the country and very few professional rankings,” added Pauole, whose passion for the sport is what keeps him coaching it.

What team players take away from the sport include personal responsibility, confidence, and a sense of accomplishment. They can learn how to go though everyday life through the struggles they face as they wrestle. “Everyone reaches a breaking point,” explains Pauole. “When you know your limits, you can push them and become stronger.”

The members of the Varsity Wrestling team include: Anthony Zoscak (‘11), Luke Woodburn (‘11), Kyle Velez (‘11), Connor Roberts (‘12), Brenden Pond (‘11), KeJuan Perez (‘12), David Mulloy (‘12), Tyler Morgan (‘14), Andrew Lohr (‘13), Shane Jones (‘11), Kyle Gascon (‘14), Kevin Gascon (‘12), Anthony Gartrell (‘11), Justin Denton (‘11), Gibson Curtis (‘12), Schirf Colin (‘13), SeVaughn Carter (‘12), John Buffington (‘12), Chris Blancaflor (‘11), Seth Aportadera (’12).

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