[Opinion] Who Needs Valentine’s Day?

[Opinion] Who Needs Valentine’s Day?

For a holiday all about love, Valentine’s Day sure has a lot of hate. Courtney Roach (’11) claims, “Valentine’s Day is for those couples that are not happy to have a day to act like they actually care.” Elijah Steele (’11) adds, “It’s just another holiday you get chocolate or something and it doesn’t really mean much.”

Valentine’s Day could be the perfect chance for couples to celebrate their love for each other, but it can also put pressure on newly proclaimed couples. Should you buy your girlfriend a diamond necklace if you have only been dating for a month? It will either flatter the girl by your romantic act, or your commitment might freak her out. Do not work yourself up with stress of finding a gift and try to relax.

This time of year is also a chance for everyone to burn a hole in their pockets with diamonds, clothing, cards, and chocolate. Think about it, how many boxes of chocolates do you think the stores sell this time of year? Stores probably sell as much candy now as they do on Halloween. Lauren Kogok (’11) believes, “Valentine’s Day is just an excuse for chocolate!” Your “soul-mate” might love it now, but once she sees how many cavities she gets, she will not want to look at another piece of chocolate again.

No special Valentine? No problem! Do not dwell on the negatives and find a way to cheer yourself up. Get some of your friends together and have an “Anti-Valentine’s Day Party.” You can even include a piñata in the shape of a heart, listen to “anti-love” songs, and watch upbeat comedic movies.

Valentine’s Day is not just for couple, spend some time with family. We might be in high school and have “teenage angst,” but you know deep down you can have some pretty good times with your family.

So if you are not in a relationship when Valentine’s Day rolls around, just sit back, grab a box of candy hearts, and chill with some friends and family.