Featured Fashion: Kelsey Renner


People who know you are well aware of your love of ‘hipster’ culture. What does hipster mean to you? How does that translate into what you wear?

(Laughs) I guess hipster means that you don’t have to do everything like everyone else. It’s how you choose your books, music, politics, anything like that. So all of those different things influence how I dress.

What’s the number one thing you keep in mind when you go shopping?

Price. Not gonna lie.

If you had to describe your style by only naming a film title, what would

it be?

Invisible Children: Rough Cut

What’s the biggest issue with fashion today?

People worry too much about trends and what others think. If you think it looks good, wear it. Don’t second guess yourself. Oh, and just saying, it’s always good to have that one friend you shop with. That always helps.

There is an impending disaster and you can only take three items of clothing with you. What do you grab before you go?

My bracelets, my denim vest, and my yellow TOMS.

What is your favorite place to shop?

Online; places like ModCloth.

What is one p
iece of clothing or jewelry that you would never wear?


Who or what is your biggest fashion influence?

Hipsters and Zooey Deschanel.

What is your favorite pattern/print?


What will North Point’s fashion look like in 2020?

Hopefully, a bunch of dirty hipsters, but I’m not totally sure.