Class of 2015 Elects Class Officers

 On Tuesday, October 4 as the school day came to a close, the loudspeaker announced the Class of 2015 Officers. The winners were Asia Smith (President), Chloe Williams (Vice President), Jasmine Cater (Secretary), Brianna Daniels (Treasurer), and Maya Kidane (Historian).

All of the hard work and campaigning they did paid off. Now, the freshmen class officers begin their work by creating their homecoming float. They’ve also already began plans for fund raising. The ideas they have so far are bake sales, car washes, and a big class night where they come together and have fun.

  Asia Smith is all about staying away from things that are cliché and doing things more differently for her class. Smith and Chloe Williams, the Vice President, want to make their class have a memorable and exciting year.  The two young ladies are so anxious to get started on fund raising and planning fun events with the rest of the class officers. “I can’t wait to meet more people and learn more about the student body,” said Smith.

Some officers won their campaign by handing out candy and putting up posters all across the school, but Smith had a different approach. Her strategy was to get her diverse friends to help her campaign and make up a slogan. She said, “When I found out I won, I knew my hard work paid off.”

 “I felt excited and loved when I heard my name,” said Williams, and so were the rest of the officers when they heard their names.

 Ready to start the year off right, the freshmen class is already having meetings and organizing upcoming events. “I’m going to do best to make the Class of 2015 the best,” said Asia Smith.