North Point Holds Food Drive

Every day before school, students wake up and eat breakfast. In the evenings, they have dinner ready on the table. Believe it or not, there are people here in Charles County that do not have this luxury because of economic situations, or other hardships. North Point High School has decided to do its part to help the less fortunate by holding a food drive.

The food drive donations go towards the Lifestyles Community Pantry. Lifestyles Community Pantry helps families in need of food all over Charles County. There shelves are nearly bare right now, so they need donations.

The food drive is currently ongoing and students can donate food to NEST organizations, and can check with teachers like Miss Russell or Mrs. Hall. Most of them are taking the donations. Food can also be donated to the bin in the cafeteria. The food is due by Friday October 21st.

“We should all help our neighbors who are in need,” said Ms. Russell, North Point math teacher and organizer of the food drive. She continued, “You never know if it is your next door neighbor, or your sports teammate going through a tough time, and might be in need of the food pantry’s assistance.”

Foods that can be donated to the drive include: boxes of cereal, canned foods, boxes of mac-and-cheese, peanut butter, and any non-perishable food items.

Nationally, nearly thirteen percent of all people are in poverty. North Point can help decrease this number by taking a little time to donate to the community. Even donating one or two items can go a long way for a family in need.