Better Than the Rest

It is not about the quantity, but the quality. The floats for this year’s pep rally are all about quality. The chosen theme for Homecoming is Hollywood, which means that the floats will be based off of movies. The Seniors have chosen to do Toy Story, the Juniors chose to do King Kong, the sophomores picked Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Freshmen have chosen Burlesque.

“We wanted to pick something that only our entire class could relate to but nearly the entire school,” said Allie Fetterolf (’12), a class officer. “Toy Story is a part of our childhood and being Seniors, this is really the last part of being children.” The Seniors’ float is going to try to cover all three of the Toy Story movies in one float. The float will be difficult to build, but the seniors are up for the challenge. So many things are needed for this creation, mostly sturdy materials like plywood. Fetterolf is quite confident that theirs is going to be better then the rest. The expectations are high for the Senior float. She said, “We had one thing going through our heads when we were thinking ideas and that was, ‘Do it big’.”

The juniors decided to stick to the classics. King Kong will be on the float for Class of 2013. The plan is for the float to have the Empire State Building in the center with a North Point flag on the top of the building. The sides will have the football field goal posts. Surrounding it all will be small buildings with all the different class years on it. Then there is a big gorilla to finish it off. The juniors were originally going to do Up, but they thought that Disney came to mind rather than Hollywood. The float is basically finished with few more final touches to add. The whole process took three weeks. The float was fairly easy with a lot of help from some engineer students. Ameer Patel (’13), a class officer who helped build the float said, “I hope its better then the rest. It was definitely better then last year.”

The sophomores set sail with the idea of Pirates of the Caribbean. The class decided that it was the movie to do this year. They wanted a movie that had something they could build. A couple of the materials that were used are trash bags and chicken wire. The float was not easy to build. “North Point does not have specific ways to build your float. We chose to choose a more traditional path,” said Tony Teleky (’14). The float from the class of 2014 last year had the detail but not the size. This year they want to add size to their quality. Tony states, “There is going to be a pirate uprising!”

Taking on a brand new challenge, the freshmen came up with the idea of Burlesque. All of the builders came up with it. It was a movie that all of them enjoyed. They are still in the process of making the float, but it should not be much longer. This week, they plan on putting on the finishing touches. The float is going to have a show girl theme. It was not very difficult for the freshmen to build the float. Chloe Williams (’15) said, “With all the support from the committee it was pretty easy.” Chloe is quite confident in her float. She thinks it will be better then the rest.

The floats bring curiosity to the students and give them another reason to look forward to the pep rally. Each class hopes that their class’ float will look better then the rest of them. North Point will have to wait until the Pep Rally, this Friday, to see who emerges victorious.