Trick or Trunk Brings Fright and Delight

Trick or Trunk Brings Fright and Delight

With a week to go until Halloween night, the ghouls and goblins have already made their way to North Point. At least it seemed that way as the sun set on October 21st at Trick or Trunk, an event sponsored by the Key Club annually. Young children dressed as pirates, fairies, cartoon characters and the like turned out to collect candy from cars sponsored by groups from all across school.

Trick or Trunk originally began as a way to provide children in the community “a safe environment to celebrate Halloween,” said Isabel Burick (’13), Key Club Public Relations Officer. The Club advertised the event at local elementary schools and many teachers could be seen walking around with their own costumed young ones in tow.

During the evening, the bus parking lot was draped with cobwebs and streamers in the official colors of Halloween – orange and black. The assembled cars were very diverse, from a Police Cruiser, with students lounging in the back, sponsored by Criminal Justice to a Halloween & Health themed truck by Junior Health Occupations Students.

“The best part of Trick or Trunk is decorating the car and handing out the best candy,” said Adam Kassem (’13), as he manned the Health Occupations car with his classmates. In the words of Dominic Agazzi (’14), “I’m at Trick or Trunk so I can help the community be safe.”

Across the lot, the Boy’s Lacrosse team set up a haunted goal where the kids could try to take shots. Jessie Kitts (’12), spent all week designing a giant “Operation” style game board with candy replacing internal organs. If the crowd gathered around it any indication, it was a success. Over at the Poms’ Car, kids could walk across a Candy Land style paper trail to get their treats.

Now that Trick or Trunk has come and gone, students will have to wait until next year to bring out their scary side.