Turning Over New Leaves: This Fall’s Administrative Changes

Although students are mostly settled into their new classes for this year, a few of North Point’s administrators have just begun to get comfortable.

Mr. Simms, the former Vice Principal of the class of 2012, has taken Mr. Heim’s former position as Vice Principal of Instruction. Mrs. McClarin, along with returning to school after months of maternity leave, has replaced Simms as this year’s Seniors’ vice principal.

Returning to school after having a child can be pretty stressful. Although now balancing family life, work life, and her career, Mrs. McClarin feels confident about being back at North Point. “I’m in a good place right now. The North Point family has made it so easy to come back and fulfill my career commitments, while also being a mother. I have the best of both worlds,” she said.

Mrs. McClarin is taking on her new title with enthusiasm. She believes the Class of 2012 is a really good, core group of students. “I have always monitored this class, and I am happy to be watching them move to the next level,” she said.

As many students and staff here at North Point are aware, this is not Mrs. McClarin’s first year as the Vice Principal of a Senior class. She also headed the Class of 2011. Because of her experience, she handles basically the same tasks as she did last year. She is very familiar with the duties of a senior Vice Principal, which has made for a smooth transition into working with the Class of 2012.

Mrs. McClarin is not the only one who has transitioned into a new administrative position for this school year. Mr. Simms is the new Vice Principal of Instruction.

In terms of his former title, Mr. Simms no longer heads a single class here at North Point, but instead monitors instruction of the entire school. “I am very excited and looking forward to working with improving instruction at North Point because it will provide students here with the best education they are able to receive,” he said.

As the former Vice Principal of the Class of 2012, Mr. Simms used to focus solely on students. Some of whom have been travelling the same road as he has since Mattawoman Middle School. Now, his focus is centered on the school as a whole.

Mr. Simms still has some of the same duties he used to have, including staying after school to monitor extracurricular activities. He is still at North Point from morning to afternoon, helping students and staff however he can.

Regardless of his entirely new position, Simms still keeps up with this year’s seniors. He and Mrs. McClarin continue to exchange information concerning the senior class as well as North Point itself. Simms is really helping Mrs. McClarin transition into her new position by making her feel as comfortable as possible and assisting her in any way he can.

As for Mr. Heim, he has taken on a new position as the Head of Transportation for the Charles County Board of Education. North Point is sad to see him leave, but happy to see him moving on to bigger and better things.