Eagles Pep it Up

Eagles Pep it Up

This year’s pep rally started out like any other, with all students getting pumped for another great year at North Point and a football game against the La Plata warriors. After a week of dressing up and showing their school spirit, students wore their class colors and proved which grade had the most class pride.

At 12:50 the students began to pour out of the building to go to the stadium. The bleachers were full of students wearing their class colors in sections together. The bleachers soon turned yellow, black, red and white as they were filled with sophomores, seniors, juniors, and freshmen. After the national anthem was sung by three members of the chorus, the pep rally officially kicked off.

The parade started off with the freshman float, which was based off of the movie Burlesque. The design was a stage with people dressed up as Cher and Christina Aguilera.

The Class of 2014’s came out next with the theme of Pirates of the Caribbean. Their float was a pirate ship with a La Plata Warrior aboard. The North Point pirates tied him up and made him walk the plank. The parade continued with the march of clubs, groups and sports walking together with large banners. Soon, the junior’s float was next. To go along with the King Kong theme, the float was topped with buildings representing the other North Point Classes. A junior dressed as King Kong appeared and destroyed the buildings. He then climbed atop the Empire State Building and replaced the flag with an NP nation flag. Very last in the parade was the senior float. It had a Toy Story theme, featuring Andy’s toy chest. The La Plata mascot was standing on the float and then a bunch of toys came out of Andy’s chest and threw him off.

After the parade ended, the Battle of the Classes had begun. Games included the dizzy izzy competition, a donut eating contest, a human wheelbarrow race, and a tug of war between classes. The freshman and sophomores played first, with a victory for the freshman. The seniors won their match against the juniors, leaving the final match as 12th versus 9th graders. The victory was almost clamed by the seniors, but premature celebration led to the freshmen winning in a come from behind victory. Mr. and Mrs. North Point, the cross-dressing couples pageant, was up next. Many teachers competed for the title, but at the end Mr. Lilly and Mrs. C. Smith won by looking fabulous as Katy Perry and Russell Brand, respectively.

Soon after, the Homecoming court was announced for each class. Then, the awards for best door and most spirited class were given out. As is tradition, the Class of 2012 won most spirited. After two hours of excitement, both the school day and the Pep Rally were over.