Nerd Day is Offensive

Nerd Day is Offensive

On Monday October 24th, students showed their school spirit by wearing tucked in shirts, taped glasses, and suspenders.  For Nerd Day, they walked through the hallways talking how they thought a Nerd sounded like, and otherwise acting “nerdy.”  I believe that Nerd Day is offensive and a bad interpretation of what a Nerd really is.

A nerd can be someone who is single-minded or lacks social skills. However, a nerd is not a person who has taped glasses or has pens in their shirt pocket. Being a nerd is not based upon what you wear but upon how you act. “Some people are actually nerds that don’t dress this way. It’s kind of stereotypical, really,” said Michael Huck (’15).

It seemed to me that everyone at North Point viewed a nerd the same way because of how they dressed up on Monday.  When I think of a nerd, I think of someone who likes to learn and tries their hardest during class. A nerd can be someone who’s on the football team or even on the Homecoming Court. Being a nerd does not mean dressing in clothes that other people probably would not wear.

Austin French (‘15) believes that Nerd Day is offensive if you dress that way every day.  I have to say that I agree with him. If I dressed how everyone was dressed on Monday, I don’t think that would make me a nerd. Everyone has their own type of style. Not everyone is going to wear Jordans or skinny jeans; some people prefer different things. Does that mean that they are a nerd? Of course not!

Even though Nerd Day is all in the fun, it still shows how students view others. Nerd Day shows those “certain students” what some kids really think about them. I think that it is wrong and is offending a lot of kids here at North Point. Would you want a Spirit Day that mocked you?