Nerds Like the Attention

Nerds Like the Attention

Alexis Frye, Student Life Editor

Plenty of men wear suspenders underneath their suits to work. A large amount of the population wears glasses. Ties have always been fashionable. So, how do those three main articles of clothing seem offensive on nerd day? In my opinion Nerd Day is a compliment. It’s a day for people to rock the style that was made popular by Steve Urkel on the TV sitcom, Family Matters.

Nerd day is for people to show who they really are. It’s not offensive, because everyone is a nerd in their own way. Maybe someone likes to read books, or they really enjoy going to school, or they feel that writing out java scripts for computer programs is more fun than Halo 3. That may make them nerdy and Nerd Day is when people can show off their nerdy-ness and not get ridiculed for it. That is why Nerd Day isn’t offensive.

Nerd Day is less of an insult and more of a chance to see what people are really like. So many people bring their old GameBoy Advance colors, Yu-Gi-Oh cards, or Pokémon lunchboxes to school with them. If it weren’t for Nerd Day students would never speak a word about owning them.  Nerd Day also brings back so many memories from our childhood. Many of the things we think are nerdy now were so cool when we were younger such as shows like Sailor Moon or Dragon Ball Z, or games like Candy Land and Mouse Trap.

Everyone has a little nerd in them and Nerd Day is just the day to show it. Nerds are the smart people who found and run multi-million dollar companies. Steve Jobs was considered a nerd and he has created some of the greatest technological devices ever. Nerds rule the world. It’s a day to applaud the nerd inside all of us.