Spirit Week: a Look Back

Spirit Week is North Point’s way of celebrating and preparing for Homecoming. It gives students and staff the opportunity to show their creative sides within their wardrobes. Some students’ joy comes from dressing up like something crazy; others’ comes from just seeing what people actually have in their closets. Some students want to see who can do it best, and others just like the excuse to wear something different.

This year’s Spirit Week was enjoyed by many students. Aaliyah Yates (’13) said, “I loved it, it was better then last year’s.” She felt that it was the best spirit week she has had here at North Point. Most returning students would agree with that, but even the freshmen thought that this year’s spirit week was exciting. “It was a lot of fun and entertaining,” stated Taylor Love (’15). “I hope it gets better and better every year.”

This was the last spirit week for the class of 2012. Many of the seniors had it on their minds to go all out this year. “This is my senior year so I had to do it big,” stated Nolan Brown (’12). Alyssa Sato (’12) feels that the participation from her class made spirit week more fun and interesting. Seniors felt that they had the best school spirit. “Best costumes, best mix-match, good nerds, and all black on spirit day. We went all out,” explained Sato, who participated every single day.

Character day seemed to be the favorite of most students. There were characters from movies, television shows, and even video games. Many characters showed up at North Point that day. But the favorites were Pac Man and his ghosts, Obama and his Secret Service, and Madea and Joe. Nathaniel Corsey (’14) said, “Character Day was the best. My friends and I were the secret service for Obama.” Other students were pleased with the costumes they had chosen to wear. Sato said, “I was the Progressive Lady and I didn’t see anybody else that had it.”

Another day that many students enjoyed was Spirit Day. This was a day where students could truly see who had the most school spirit. A lot of students said that their class showed the most, but few of them actually admitted that they thought another class was better. Love felt that the seniors had the most school spirit, but Sam Bonaguro (’15) felt that it was the sophomores who stood out the most.

The students weren’t the only people at North Point that could show their school spirit; many teachers participated also. Mr. Lilly dressed up as Dr. House, from the television show, “HOUSE,” for character day. Mrs. Griffin and Mrs. C. Smith were ketchup and mustard. Other teachers that stood out were Mr. Burton, Ms. Andy, Mr. Minor, Mrs. Dutrow, and Mr. Galperin. The teachers especially showed their school spirit at the North Point couple competition during the pep rally where Mr. Lilly and Mrs. Smith won for the second year in a row.

That Friday night was the night of the homecoming football game. Many students came to cheer on their Eagles. Sato said, “I helped paint the boy’s chests.” The varsity football team made all their fans proud by defeating LaPlata High School 44-0.

The perfect end to this year’s great Spirit Week was the homecoming dance. Whether students came with a date or with friends, they all had fun. “I had a good time. I loved the music, and the people. The decorations were lovely and the way they set it up was nice,” stated Yates.

Spirit Week is always something people, including students and staff, look back on throughout the school year. It is usually the most fun they have within one week. It is safe to say that this year’s Spirit Week was one to be remembered.