First Quarter in Review

As 2nd Quarter gears up, let’s take a look back at the first nine weeks of school.

Wild Weather

During late August every year North Point students are excited and nervous about their first week of school. This year school was supposed to start on August 29th, but due to the Hurricane Irene, school was postponed until August 30th.  Due to the hurricane, the Board of Education took away several half-days and full days off of school from Charles County students, something they were none too pleased about.

Eagles in Flight

There is a new program for freshman this year, called Eagles in Flight. During NEST all freshmen students reported to their home base to learn about NEST for the first half of the hour lunch. After the first half of their Eagles in Flight, all freshman students ate lunch. The Eagles in Flight gave all freshman experience in what to do during the hour lunch. Eagles in Flight ended in October and all the freshmen students now have a whole hour lunch with the rest of North Point students.

The College Fair

Every school year all high school students in Charles County are invited to North Point High School College Fair. This year the College Fair was held on September 21st. The Fair hosted over one hundred schools from all around the country. Students spoke to the college admissions officers in person and got to know more about individual colleges and their prospective majors.


The PSAT, known as the practice SAT, is always taken every year by high school sophomores and juniors. The PSAT gives high school students a chance to get a feel of what the SAT is about. The PSAT is based on math, reading, and critical writing skills. It is very important that every high school student takes the PSAT and the real SAT because this test is recommended for admissions in college.