Black Friday Lures Shoppers

Black Friday Lures Shoppers

On Thursday, November 24th, after devouring Thanksgiving dinner, millions of Americans hit the stores. Some got to stay warm inside stores like Wal-Mart, which were open all night, while others draped themselves in hats, gloves, scarves, and winter coats, camped out in the cold.

When the clock struck midnight, crowds of bargain hunters were streaming through stores doors in the search for the biggest Black Friday deals.


Best Buy

Thursday at two o‘clock in the afternoon, people were already camped out at Best Buy. By eleven o’clock at night, the parking lot was crammed to the brim with cars, and the line at the door stretched around the corner. At midnight, shoppers flooded though the doors, covering every inch of the store.

The shopping continued throughout the day. At eleven o’clock in the morning the doors were at an endless back and forth swing. Customers were buying everything from cameras and phones to televisions and computers.


HH Greg

At HH Greg, a crowd formed stretching from the doors to a store around the corner, Michaels. Once the doors opened, the public rushed in, appliances, cameras, and televisions flew off the shelves, long lines formed. Shoppers from Best Buy, which is across the street, even walked over to compare prices.

John Bijou, who works in both the Warehouse and Customer Service, described the night as crazy. “The first thing that basically went were thirty-two inch Toshibas that we had on sale for $199. Of course there were tempers and attitudes because not everyone could have one.”

By eleven o’clock in the morning, though the rush had died down, the store was still bustling with people. Things were moving smoother and easier.



One store new to the Black Friday Tradition was Books-a-Million, which opened a week ago taking over where Borders used to be. The store opened at seven o’clock in the morning as opposed to nine o’clock. People roamed to the store, some bought books, while others sat and read them. Everything from knick-knacks and book marks to toys and books were sold.


Tractor Supply

Tractor Supply opened at six o’clock in the morning to participate in the Black Friday. Customers flowed through the aisles, and deals ranged from furnaces and fire places.

According to Harold True, the assistant manager, “It was very busy first thing in the morning, and it was very steady throughout the day….We had a very nice turn out and we are looking forward to it again next year.”



Some stores were not so busy, for instance, Wawa. Customers just came to refuel with gas or with coffee. “It was not really busy this year; last year it was tremendously busy. All the customers just came to get the coffee and a little snack and that was it,” worker Ashley Swan said.