The Madness of the Holiday Season

The Madness of the Holiday Season

Every holiday season brings joy and a warm spirit to many people, but it also brings out the “crazy” side in many others. As the holidays near, crime is on the rise and people act without civility all for that one special gift. The reason for all the madness seems to be the nearing dates. “People act differently during the holidays because there is a deadline,” said Sierra Terrell (’12).

During the holiday season malls can become a dangerous place. While walking back to vehicles, many people get robbed of their gifts and holiday money. Even homes can become susceptible to crime and danger during the holidays. There are many home break-ins and robberies. During these crimes people’s Christmas gifts are stolen from under their trees. Other “big ticket” items in their homes are taken as well.

“It appears each holiday season from Thanksgiving to Christmas break-ins, burglaries, robberies, assaults, and thefts go up,” said Officer Cusmano. The crimes happen in various settings from malls to parking lots to homes.

Another aspect of the holidays that adds to the madness is drunkenness and intoxication. “There is also an increase in ‘driving while intoxicated cases’ during the holiday season,” added Cusmano. During the holidays many parties feature a specialty drink, eggnog with a little something extra. Many people feel that this “special” eggnog mixture isn’t as harmful as regular alcohol and they decide to get behind the wheel. They are incorrect.

Even students don’t feel as safe during the holiday seasons. “I don’t feel as safe, because people will do anything just to get the gift they’ve been searching for, even if it means stealing it form someone else,” commented Dakarie Harmon (’15). During the holiday season it is crucial for everyone to be cautious when they go out shopping for gifts. Don’t go shopping alone, especially at night time. Don’t carry large bills on you. Avoid flaunting the gifts you brought, most specifically the expensive gifts. Tuck those bags into another bag so it doesn’t look as valuable.