Eagle Bucks Return, New and Improved

The bucks are back! Second quarter was the beginning of reinstating Eagle Bucks, but this time an award comes with them. Swimming is now available on Tuesdays during NEST for those who have four eagle bucks. On Fridays, basketball is available in the gym for those that have collected eight eagle bucks.

There are various ways to get an Eagle Buck, including going to clubs during NEST time. Heather Johnson (’14) said, “I got one for being on time for homeroom and one for being quiet during a presentation.” Good behavior is another way to earn an Eagle Buck.

The administration was the core group that decided to reinstate Eagle Bucks. In order for them to know with what to award the students, they got some advice from the students themselves. Mrs. McLaughlin said, “We had a student advisory council meeting. They wanted something immediate that you could trade for something else.” Administration is expecting to see fewer students in the hallway during NEST. The new activities are a way to occupy them when they have nothing else to do. Mrs. Akins said, “I want kids to know that it is a sure bet that they can play basketball. It’s a sure thing that students will get eagle bucks if they go to a Nest Activity.”

A lot of students are happy about the new and improved Eagle Bucks. “My students have been asking me for Eagle Bucks,” said McLaughlin. “They love it. I hear them talking in the halls,” Johnson said, “Everyone seems to want them. A couple of people I know went to play basketball.” It seems to be the hot topic around the school. “I talk to the ninth graders, and they are excited to know that they could play basketball during NEST,” said Skinner. The Eagle Bucks are bringing a lot of positive things to the North Point community. Deshawn Dorsey (’13) said, “All the new opportunities encourage students to do better in school, so they can get Eagle Bucks for their good behavior.” “You want to give people what they want in order to make a movement grow. If a student doesn’t want the award, then it’s not an effective strategy,” stated McLaughlin.

The administration has open ears for those who have any more ideas to encourage students to behave better and participate in NEST activities. Atkins explained, “We want to know what it is that you all want.” They are already planning to allow students with a certain number of Eagle Bucks go to a basketball game for free. Another thing that students will soon be able to do is to use the Eagle Bucks for supplies at the school store. Additions have been proposed on what else the bucks should be able to do. “I would like to see open gym for more sports, like softball,” suggested Johnson. Dorsey thinks that the bucks should be able to get him different items at lunch for free.

More Eagle Bucks are expected to be given out. Join a club, be on time, or just strive to be the best student, and an Eagle Buck won’t be far.