MASC Legislative Session Educates Prospective Leaders

At six a.m, the crack of dawn, an assortment of Student Government Association (SGA) students set off for the Maryland Association for Student Councils Legislative Session. Held in Edgewood High School on Saturday, February 4th, hundreds of students from across the state of Maryland gathered dressed in their most spick-and-span professional attire. One goal for the day was to get more students interested in SGA.

About four hundred delegates, trainers, and advisors, in both middle and high school, came together to attend a mixture of workshops; among those delegates, Charles County turned up with the largest delegation participating. Some partakers taught the workshops while many others gained knowledge on various subjects: how bills become laws, the procedures of the parliament, and the importance of student board members. Accenting advocacy, the workshops invigorated students to propose certain policies in their school, county, and state legislatures. However, the pivotal point of the session was voting for the State Student Member of the Board of Education for 2012-13. Five students ran for the positions. Their speeches touched on everything from technological integration, statewide student service learning, improving quality of schools, and the minds of the people themselves.

Azeezat Adeleke, SGA vice president, who taught some workshops, described her experience as both stressful and rewarding at the same time. “This was my third time leading the workshop at this particular convention. I had some experience going into it, but you never know what will happen,” she said.

For Ms. Huffman, the SGA sponsor, the event was a great opportunity for students to examine and evaluate the legislation that specifically dealt with their own education. “Attending the workshop trained them on the legislative process that they participated in. Their voice could be heard as students in the state and the Board of Education,” she expressed.

The event held great significance in training future leaders. You never know if you are looking at the next great political figure.