AP English Students Sit for Mock Testing

On Monday, February 13, and Tuesday, February 14, seniors and juniors that take Advanced Placement Literature and Language took a mock exam for their subject.  Teachers such as Mrs. Kirby, who teaches AP literature and Mr. Williams, who teaches AP Language, have been preparing their students for this test.

The AP Language course is geared to analyzing essays and answering AP style questions. When testing is over and Mr. Williams is able to get the scores back, he and his AP students will review what they got wrong and also what they got right on the test. “Since I can keep the questions from the test, we will review and focus more on types of essays,” said Mr. Williams.  As far as the test affecting the student’s grades, it will be discussed, but it doesn’t affect their grade heavily. “I have no clue as far as how my students did, but they seemed confident with two out of the three essays. But I won’t really find out because scoring doesn’t start until next week.” says Mr. Williams.

The AP literature class is based upon writing essays, and learning about literature strategies and analysis. The test will count as a test grade for third quarter for students. “I’m able to keep the test book and look at what they got wrong and right. We go back as a class and review; I focus on their strongest and weakest points and help them with ways to improve,” says Mrs. Kirby.  “I believe my students took the test seriously and made an effort.”