Chemistry with Ms. Wieczorek

Chemistry with Ms. Wieczorek

A new teacher making a home at North Point this year is Ms. Wieczorek . In fact, not only is she new to North Point, but she is new to being a teacher as well. But teaching is not the first job she has under her belt.

The first job Wieczorek ever had was during high school. She was a feeding aid at a nursing home back in her hometown of Brock Point, New York. Through the years she came a long way. While attending the College at Brock Port State University of New York, she majored in Chemistry with a minor in Environmental Science.

Not every teacher does the same thing. “ I do warm-up/wrap-up notebooks. That is a unique thing to do,” said Wieczorek. “I enjoy the stickers we get for being early,” mentioned Glenn Hardy (’13). She tries to make class enjoyable as possible but also enable her students to learn chemistry as well. “I enjoy the funny jokes and stories she tells,” added Hardy.

A good relationship with students is also a teaching technique Wieczorek feels is necessary. Brelynn Hunt (’14) stated, “She is really open to explaining things one on one and makes you feel comfortable during her NEST tutoring sessions. She also explains things differently so that each person understands it.” Her previous job as a tutor is what helps her explain things so well. Wieczorek always tries to the best of her ability to make sure everyone understands what is being taught. She allows her students to see her during NEST if there is anything they want her to explain.

Another thing that she allows her students to do is write in her warm-up/wrap-up journals and ask her any questions about the lesson that was taught. A way that she makes her students feel comfortable is her good sense of humor. It does not take long for her to express her goofy side when having a regular conversation.

One thing that Wieczorek does not do is other, outside-of-school activities. She asked, “What is spare time?” Hobbies are something Wieczorek does not have time for, but she does not mind it. When she does have a little bit of free time she spends it by visiting her family up in New York.

Wieczorek has a strong dedication to teaching chemistry. She stated, “I want to teach as long as I have air in my lungs.”