The Music at Prom: Could It Be Better?

Every year at prom a DJ comes in thinking he’s going to be the greatest DJ ever, but to most students dismay he falters and is a huge let down. Either the DJ plays too much of one genre, songs no one likes, super old songs that you wouldn’t want to hear, or songs that are extremely awkward to dance to. In my opinion the music at prom could be so much better.

There are simple ways to make sure the music pleases everyone. The first thing to do is know what is popular right now. The people in charge of prom could do a poll of students for their most popular and favorite songs or the DJ could go to the Billboard 100 list for the most popular songs.

The second thing a DJ could do is play the songs in a different way. Instead of playing a continuous stream of hip-hop or pop or go-go mix things up. Play some hip-hop, then pop, then a slow song, then go-go. Surprise the listeners with the next song.

Third, the DJ must play something for everyone. He can’t cater to one demographic. He has to shake it up so that everyone hears something they like. Play some go-go, some hip-hop, some pop, some slow jams, some oldies (but goodies, of course) and even some country if that’s what some students want to hear. The prom is for all students, not just the ones that listen to the radio. Dub step is welcome. Some students like jazz, and metal or heavy rock would be nice for the students who only listen to that.

The biggest rule for all DJs to know when it comes to prom and music: the Cha-Cha slide, Cupid shuffle and other line dances are not to be played more than once. That’s a tell-tale sign that you have no more good music or are trying to stall so you can spread out your good music.

So to all DJs out there (but most specifically the one for this year’s prom) keep the songs rolling, keep the energy up, and make the students happy. For many of us this will be the last time we party with our childhood friends. So, keep the good times rolling and let the fun begin!