Legally Blonde Cast Lights Up Stage in Shades of Pink

Legally Blonde Cast Lights Up Stage in Shades of Pink

As the lights went down, the crowd got silent with anticipation for the show. Legally Blonde went up very well. The show is about a girl, Elle (Hannah Rogers (’12)), who had fallen in love with a boy, Warner (Ken Alcain (’12)), and thought that he was going to propose. Come to find out, however, he actually wanted to dump her and go to Harvard Law School, leaving her broken-hearted at UCLA. Elle, a ditzy sorority girl, did not give up without a fight and followed him to Harvard Law, hoping to win him back. The play is about Elle’s story and how she overcame obstacles to find who she really is, and what she really wants.

Rogers portrayed the part of Elle extremely well. Throughout the entire performance she was very bubbly and natural in the role. Even though this was Rogers’ first show at North Point, she seemed to be a natural on stage. Alcain played a great Warner. He was very controlled and had a great voice. The entire cast did a phenomenal job. Quincey Davis (’12), who played Emmett, performed excellently in his role as well. He was very affectionate towards Elle, and played a great comical part throughout the court scene. Other great characters were Vivienne (played by Sam Baker (’12)), Enid (played by Alexis Frye (’12)), Chutney (played by Yadira Coleman (’12)), and the Greek Chorus girls (Maddison Stinson (’12), Olivia Johnson (’14), Liesl Wegand (’14), Brook Hayes (’12), Hannah Dickshinski (’13), Samantha Corsey (’13), Amanda Crehan (’15), and Annie Silva (’12)). All of the roles were cast perfectly and everyone did a superior job.

Though the leads were Rogers and Alcain, a few characters stole the stage. One of the best performances throughout the entire show was Paulette, who was played by Laurissa Steinsberger (’12). She did an amazing job with this role, and sang beautifully. She was very over-the-top in her role, and had a very believable Brooklyn accent. When she was on stage, all eyes were definitely on her. Another fun role was played by Andrew Lohr (’13), who was Kyle, the UPS guy. He came strutting out of the curtain and walked into the audience to some… very entertaining music. This was his first performance, but he acted as though he’d been performing for years. He and Steinsberger did a fantastic job.

Another great performer was Brad Sharper (’12), who played Callahan. He could not have been more perfectly chosen for this role. He had an arrogance to him that made him seem like a real lawyer. While singing his song “Blood in the Water” he hit every note and played the part very convincingly.

One of the smaller roles turned out to be one of the most memorable though. Seth Lohr (’12), who played the European pool boy, was one of the favorite characters among the audience. When he was on stage, the audience could not stop laughing at him. He was very fun and played a great character part.

The entire cast did a phenomenal job, and the show was directed by the very talented Mr. Minor, and put on by other talented teachers such as Mrs. Helming, Mr. LaBelle, Mr. VanDyke, and Mrs. Dutrow.