Third Quarter Wrap-Up

As the third quarter comes to a close, many students begin to look back on their academic lives over the past few months. Several others plan for the final quarter ahead.

Numerous students have that one class that they just really struggle with. Since third quarter is the longest out of all four, these students tend to fight even harder for a decent grade. “For me, that one really difficult class is Spanish,” said Megan Wysocki (’14); “It’s the only class I have a bad grade in, so I’ve really been focusing on bringing that up this past quarter.”

For some students, it was not their in-school lives that caused them to struggle during third quarter. Instead, their main stressor was an event or a spring sport.

Connor Roberts (’12), president of this year’s National Honor Society, struggled the most with planning the Second Annual Best of Charles County. “I put all my effort into it, and I feel like it was a huge success. ‘BOCC’ raised significant fund for both the American Cancer Society and the North Point National Honor Society,” he said. “Working with Mrs. McLaughlin, NHS members, and local businesses to get the event going was definitely where most of my time went over the past few months.”

Kelly Martin (’14) began playing lacrosse during the third quarter for her second year in a row. “Beginning a sport and keeping up with school work is something that I, as well as all the other spring sports athletes, have to adjust to quickly, because with practice every day of the week it’s really easy to get tired,” she said. “I always stay focused, and use my NEST time to keep on track in order to perform well both athletically and academically.”

Contrary to other students, the class of 2012 only has a little under two months of school left. Since seniors have a shortened fourth quarter, some finish up all of the necessary documents for them to attend school in the fall. “I’ve really just been focusing on scholarship applications, and anything else I needed to do to wrap up my entire college application process,” said Alex Garner (’12).

Each student has a different way of transitioning from third quarter to fourth. Only a couple more months are left in the 2011-2012 school year. Hang in there, North Point!