A Day In the Life: Nurse Bazzarre

A Day In the Life: Nurse Bazzarre

Mrs. Bazzarre goes through more than what people are aware of. She is always on the job even when it is her break time. If there is a student in need she is there. Her day is always busy, aiding students to the best of her ability.  And no two days are ever the same.

The mornings can sometimes be busy and sometimes be slow. Bazzarre’s day can start right bright and early when the kids come off the bus. Some people go straight to the nurse when they come in the door. The busiest time for her is when the bell rings after first block. “Teachers want to keep you during first block, then all of a sudden people want to start coming in during second block,” explained Bazzarre. Another part of the day that can be very busy is during NEST.

Every season brings a different type of illness. The colds come in during the winter and the allergies are very common in the spring. Spring time can also cause students to overheat. She stated, “They don’t have anything to eat or drink and they come in here because they are dehydrated. The hydration is a big problem, especially if you didn’t eat that morning and you go out and run a mile. You deplete your body.” More injuries seem to happen when students play outside more, which would mean around spring time; but injuries never cease.  Bazzarre mentioned, “I had a couple of kids get their teeth knocked out during the winter time while playing basketball.”

Bazzarre’s lunch break is an hour and a half but if there is a student in major need then she has to readjust her schedule. She could not ignore the serious things like, breathing, head injury or etc; but she does find time to eat. Lunch to her is very important because she is a diabetic so she has to eat at a certain time.

“My school day ends after you all leave,” said Bazzarre. Not only is 2:50 dismissing the students, but it dismisses the nurse as well, unless she has to do some paperwork. The paperwork she could get could be looking through students who are going on field trips emergency cards to determine if they have certain medical issues that would prevent them from attending.

 The school nurse’s day can be pretty hectic at times. It can be interesting as well. She comes into work not always knowing what injury or illness to expect, but is always prepared for the task at hand.