Singers Gear Up for North Point Idol

As the school year slowly creeps to an end, North Point students and staff anxiously await the musical event, North Point Idol. Since its debut in 2011, several members of the North Point community have been excitedly discussing this year’s competition.

As with last year’s competition, three judges will critique all the performers. They will keep a tally count for each vocalist, and whichever singer has the greatest number of tallies at the end will win the contest. First, second, and third place winners will all be announced. The crowd will also be able to add their input toward the voting, as they determine the “fan favorite.”

Like several contests, some competitors return after being successful in previous trials, some return after being unsuccessful during auditions, and some bring their own unique talent to the stage for the first time.

Chris Betton (’12) auditioned last year and did not quite make the cut to perform, but is returning this year for a second chance. “I came back because it’s another chance to perform,” he said. “There aren’t too many places for teens to showcase their talent around here.”

Nathan Rice (’13), also referred to as the locally-known artist, The Fading Youth, is auditioning for his first year. Similar to Betton, Rice agreed that he enjoyed being provided with the opportunity to showcase and perform what he spends the majority of his time working on. Rice looks forward to this experience not only for the chance to perform in front of his peers, but for the chance to present his singer/songwriter and pianist skills that will be portrayed through his publicly-available mixtape. “I prefer just doing what I love and hoping others enjoy it, and even if I don’t win, the event would be great publicity for my demo, which is releasing this May.”

This year’s judges will again be seeing several returning competitors, including Hannah Rogers (’12) and Annaya Liverpool (’14). Unfortunately, last year’s event winner, Heather Yerecic (’12) will not be returning to the stage.

New characteristics and blends of talent are almost always promised when a musical event is repeated. Both new and returning competitors will be bringing fresh talent to this year’s production of North Point Idol. Be sure to support the Class of 2014 and all participants by attending the event on Friday, May 18!