Students and Staff Dedicate Memorial Courtyard

On the afternoon of Wednesday, May 16th the recently completed courtyard was dedicated to members of the North Point community, teachers and students, who have passed away. The ceremony remembered teachers Richard Abela, Nels Marvin, and Chistopher Hoefert and students  Nicole Pitonyak, Stephen Pronobis, and Lance Corporal Terry Honeycutt.

The courtyard has been student driven for the past two years. In 2009, engineering students developed sidewalks connecting the two parts of the school. This was the beginning of the courtyard project. The Student Government Association and National Honor Society Landscaping Committee later took over the development of the courtyard. “The important part to me is that students have been involved every step of the way,” said Mrs. Hill. “It is the culmination of their work and deeds,” she added.

The families of the members of the North Point community who were lost were in attendance of the ceremony. Each family was presented a plaque in remembrance of their lost one. Each person has a plaque dedicated to him or her on the courtyard’s brick wall.

Current students and teachers, as well as the families, were moved by the ceremony.  “I am really proud of the way it turned out,” said Kathryn O’Grady (’12). “The beautiful flowers and all the people that came out really represent what the entire North Point community wanted to express about those that have fallen.”

The Class of 2012 donated the stone eagle in the center of the courtyard as its class gift. “We want this courtyard to help remember those we have lost,” commented Alex Colaciello (’12), Student Government Association President.  The courtyard has two plaques in it, one dedicated to the students and staff who took part in the design process, as well as one naming the fallen members of the community.

“I’m so proud of the students. This ceremony was amazing and beautifully done,” said Christine Honeycutt, the mother of Lance Corporal Terry Honeycutt. Honeycutt’s grandmother, Jane Foxx, said, “It is wonderful that the school went to such great lengths for the families.”

“I am so proud of our school,” commented Mrs. Dutrow, English teacher. “It’s much better than what we expected and it means so much now that it’s a memorial,” added Shelby Burton (’12). “This was a great event for the families, being able to remember those near and dear to North Point who have passed away,” said Connor Roberts (’12), National Honor Society President.

The memorial service was beautiful and expressed the love the members of the North Point community for its Eagles, past, present, and gone.  In the words of Ms. Hill, “Our students never let us down.”