This School’s Crown Jewel

At 7:50 am, students cram into the office, phones ring off the hook, and doors flap back and forth. In this chaos, Secretary Ms. Jewel is always helping others with a smile, getting the job done.

Ms. Jewel grew up in Southern Maryland in a close-knit family, living just around the corner from uncles, aunts, and cousins. Spending her high school days at Gwynn Park High School, she admits she hasn’t changed much since. “When I see people I went to high school with, they say ‘you are exactly the same,’” she says with a laugh.

Her career path did not begin in the school system. “I spent fifteen years in aviation, which was very exciting,” she explains. However, a wanting to be closer to home brought her to North Point five years ago.

“Ms. Jewel is the best, North Point is so lucky to have her as the first person people see. She is always so happy.” says Dr. Alo.

Ms. Jewel does a wide array of jobs: making the newsletter, answering phones, planning events, assisting with website updates, making announcements, working the switchboard, and the list goes on. “I love my job, working with people, students and parents,” Ms. Jewel says with a smile. In ten years time, she hopes to “Hopefully still be here at North Point.”

“Ms. Jewel has a wonderful smile, and is always willing and ready to help other people,” says Mr. Skinner “She always makes sure I keep my papers complete, up to date, and on time.”

When she is not in the front office, she spends also significant amount of time on athletics. On weekends, Ms. Jewel devotes time playing on an adult soccer league. “I like the team work and getting exercise, and also being able to laugh at myself because I am not a good soccer player,” she admits. In addition, the athletic department benefits from her selling tickets and apparel, and announcing at events.

“It was an unusual start to the school year,” Ms Jewel says commenting on the late August earthquake.  While putting away mail in the mailroom, the floors, walls, and ceilings began to shake. “You didn’t know what it was until it was over,” Ms. Jewel says. After the unsettling event, she worked on plans to make sure everyone was ok. “Good thing the kids weren’t here because that would really be a crisis,” she says with alarm in her eyes “I hope to not have anything like that anytime soon.”