Health Occupations Pinning Ceremony

Health Occupations Pinning Ceremony

The seniors of the Health Occupations Science, Technology, and Industry (STI) program celebrated their success in the course on May 24th with their pinning ceremony. The ceremony recognized the students’ hard work, dedication, and love that they put into their STI program. The ceremony also recognized the role of parents, teachers, and mentors in the students’ success.

The pins the students received were for their Certified Nursing Assistant (CAN) licenses. The pin had three images to represent all their hard work: an eagle for North Point, an oil lantern for knowledge, and a heart rhythm line for the medical field.

The students were pinned by a member of their family or someone close to them that they chose. “We chose people who helped us the most and allowed them to grow throughout the program,” said Brooke Hayes (’12)

“It was one of the most emotional and exciting events I’ve ever been to,” commented Alauna Martinez (’12). The ceremony was the culminating event of the eighteen students’ work through the years. “I felt it was the pinnacle of my high school career,” added Martinez.

The program was a sentimental moment for all the students as well as families. The students described each other and what each student brought to the class. The ceremony showed how much of a family the students and teachers have become over the last three years.

During the ceremony the instructors of the program created a slideshow to show where all the students will be going after college. Many students will be continuing on in the medical field. The slideshow also showed all the scholarship money the students received. As a class the students received two million dollars in scholarships for college.