2012 Officers and Sponsors Say Farewell

2012 Officers and Sponsors Say Farewell

As the school year comes to an end, it is not only time to say goodbye to the seniors, but also to their class officers and sponsors. “It’s kind of different because myself and Ms. Cheney both came in at the same time and our first year was their freshman year,” said Mr. Leonard, one of the two sponsors. “So it’s going to be sad to see them go, but I know they’re going to do some great things when they get out there.”

Leonard and Cheney have been working with the four officers, President Natalie Griffin (’12) , Vice President Alyssa Sato (’12), Secretary Allie Fetterolf (’12), and  Historian Chanel Ennevor (’12), since they first came to North Point. Naturally, all have gotten very close with one another. “We’ve kind of become like a little family and it will be really sad to say goodbye to them,” said Ennevor. “It’s just going to be hard. We’re going to miss both of them equally, and we’re going to miss them a lot,” said Fetterolf.

Over the past four years the Class of 2012 has accomplished a lot. “A lot of charity work and helping with the canned food drive and stuff like that,” commented Leonard. Throughout the past four years they have also assisted in selling pizza to make a profit for their class.

As for how far they’ve come as people, Cheney said, “The big thing is seeing them grow as people but also as class officers. It’s just seeing them become more organized and them definitely taking the leadership roles. Freshman year was Mr. Leonard and I telling them what to do, but they really grew and took hold of the officer positions.” How do the officers feel? “I feel like we got our class more involved,” said Alyssa Sato (’12). “We had a really nice float that we built for homecoming and we kind of boosted our school spirit.” The seniors this year were some of the most spirited upperclassmen yet.

“It’s kind of a bittersweet- I’m looking forward to them graduating and all the great things they have ahead for them in their future,” said Cheney. “But I’m going to miss them and I’m very fond of these girls-, especially since we’ve been together for four years now.”

So, it’s not a sad goodbye to the officers, but a happy farewell as they depart from North Point. But will the sponsors be able to take in another class after this one graduates? According to Leonard, “I’m going to take a year or two off and let it kind of simmer down and then I’ll probably take another class.”