Candidates Battle for Election Victory

For the past couple of weeks, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen have been campaigning for class officer positions for the 2012-2013 school year. Positions like class president, secretary and historian are up for grabs for those who think they are best for the job.

A bit of competition was struck between candidates Brelynn Hunt (’14) and current class president Tony Teleky (’14) as both competed for president of the Class of 2014. Both candidates had different campaigning strategies that they felt would take them to victory. Hunt said, “I painted the hallway with my posters.” But that alone was not enough. “During NEST I talked to students I did not know and explained to them our issues and asked them to vote for me. Then I passed out my issues, things I want to change, on a piece of paper and asked them to vote for me with candy,” she explained. Another part of Hunt’s strategy was to catch the voters’ attention. “I wore a bright pink campaign T-shirt with my name and logo on it and got my friends to wear them,” said Hunt.

Teleky had a whole different mindset for his election. At that point and time, the campaign was not his number one priority. “I wanted to put all of my own effort into running the North Point Idol fundraiser above my own campaigning,” stated Teleky. He still had the responsibility of the fundraiser since that is his job as class president. “We made over $3000 in one night, going beyond expectations. I believe the great success that the class of 2014 had at North Point Idol and in the past two years, making over $7000, will do more campaigning for me than any number of signs,” explained Teleky.

Campaigning for the candidates is not an easy job. “It is very stressful because we have to do things like put up posters and worry about our speech,” explained Ivy Debrew (’13). She ran for historian for the Class of 2013, along with Brianna Williams (’13) and Ameer Patel (’13). “It is just nerve racking to (not) know if you are going to win or lose,” said Debrew.

The winners for the 2013 class elections are Jamie Pineda for president, Oleshia Kelly for vice president, Sarah Hummel for secretary, Debrew for historian, and Brianna Walls for liaison.

For Class of 2014 the winners are Teleky for president, Kelia McRae for vice president, Shannon Mitchell for secretary, Angelah Ellis for treasurer, and Abby Richman for historian.

And the winners for the Class of 2015 are Christmas for president, Laila Abujama for vice president, Mikaela Coley for secretary, Brianna Daniels for treasurer, and Nicholas Greaves for communications.