Goodbye Class of 2012

Its official, the seniors have finally left. With their last day being on Friday and their graduation on June 5th, North Point is certainly not looking the same without them. The halls have been emptier than usual and also very quiet. Their absence has certainly been noted.

This senior class has left its mark here at North Point. Not only on all the sidewalks outside, but also in regard to school spirit in general. It was one of the seniors who started the #NPNation trend on twitter. And of course it was the seniors who decided to scream the “Hey Eagles” cheer in the middle of the hallway. And we can’t forget the time during Spirit Week when they ran down the hallway all dressed in black with painted faces and dripping with school pride.

But what will we miss about these seniors other than their school spirit? “I miss having class with the seniors. They were always really rowdy but they knew how to have fun,” Melissa Reese (’14) stated. And they surely did. As their senior year began to come to an end, they made sure that they were remembered.

For a lot of us, the seniors were people that we could look up to. We couldn’t wait to be the ones who got the scholarships and the college acceptance letters like they did this year. They were also very inspiring in athletics as well.  They were given the spots on varsity teams that some of us freshman, sophomores, and juniors wanted .We wanted to be players as great as them, to one day be a student who can say that he or she  helped takes us to the basketball finals.

It is safe to say that the Class of 2012 is truly one of a kind. North Point will not be the same without it and it will be remembered by many of us. With their senior gift, the white eagle in the courtyard, we can always look back and think about them.  As the seniors get ready for graduation and bigger and better things, the students and staff at North Point cannot feel anything but pride.