Class of 2012 Graduates With Style

Class of 2012 Graduates With Style

At 7 pm sharp, the crowd rises and looks expectantly toward the back corner of the gymnasium. The band director raises his arms and out comes a flood of notes creating that familiar graduation march. Led by School Board Members and North Point staff, the Class of 2012, decked out in red and white caps and gowns, makes a graceful entrance for its last act as high school students: graduation.

In some ways, Tuesday night’s commencement exercises were a by the books repeat of any other graduation. There were speeches and songs, a not-so-silent roll call and jubilant newly minted high school graduates. In other ways, however, the ceremony was uniquely North Point and uniquely Class of 2012. Both speeches from this year’s co-Valedictorians, Cayley Dymond and Natalie Griffin, contained crowd pleasing references to today’s pop culture. Dymond performed “the Bernie”, a popular, albeit ridiculous, dance. Griffin, after reminiscing on the past four years triumphs of her classmates over the past four years, wished them well, stating, “May the odds be ever in your favor.” Luckily, the ceremony was much kinder to its participants than the Hunger Games.

“They were good, they were funny, and they were the perfect amount of time,” commented Dominick Agazzi (’14) in reference to the back to back Valedictory addresses.

The ceremony also featured remarks from Class Vice President Alyssa Sato and Salutatorian Christopher Hartline. “I woke up this morning and was like ‘Oh my gosh, it’s finally here,’” said Hartline before his speech. “I just want to talk about how much high school has changed since we’ve been here, how we’ve all grown up and now it’s the last time we’re going to be together. It’s kind of sad, but happy at the same time.”

At the midpoint of the ceremony, the chorus performed the emblematic North Point song, Like an Eagle, along with the 2012 senior song, “Don’t Stop Believing”, as it was performed on the television show Glee.

In her remarks, Principal Ms. Hill echoed a sentiment that ran through the entire night. “We are…” she began. “NORTH POINT!” the five hundred students replied. Almost every speaker mentioned the school spirit present in this graduating class, from the prominence of #NPNation on Twitter to fan support at sporting events.

After a typically brief statement from Superintendent James Richmond, Ms. Hill was asked to present her class. “I certify that these students have met the Maryland State Graduation Requirements. Please confer to them their diplomas,” she said. With that, the roll call of names began. Each student got a moment to bask in the glory of their achievement as he or she walked across the stage. The school made a valiant attempt to hold a silent roll call to ensure that every name could be heard, but unfortunately not all families were cooperative. Nonetheless, the room was all smiles, and some tears as the graduates took their walk. And after final member of the class received his diploma, the room erupted in cheers. The Class of 2012 exited as it entered: together.