More than Just a Student

More than Just a Student

Since June of 2012 Azeezat Adeleke (‘13) has been the proud Student Member of the Board of Education. She takes pride in helping out around at North Point and now she can also make an impact on other schools part of the Charles County school district.  She serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the Eagle Eye and outside of the Eagle Eye, Adeleke is involved with the Student Government and a few other groups.

Every month, Adeleke and the student liaisons to the Board of Education, meet together to discuss the issues in our schools and how they can be fixed. Those are essential topics that will shape how Charles County Schools function for years to come. Adeleke says, “ I’m especially excited about the superintendent search – getting input from students and parents on what they look for in a leader will be very interesting.”

Besides just discussing the issues, the Board also talk about things like the new high school that is being built and new additions to and around our county’s schools. “The major things we are discussing this year as a Board are the Superintendent Search and redistricting,” said Adeleke.

The Board’s main goal is to make an impact in all elementary, middle, and high schools throughout Charles County. The members want to make sure that everyone has a good experience going to school and that the issues are addressed in order to improve what needs to be fixed in the schools.

It is a lot of work but Adeleke says the meetings are “really great because board members are really open and welcoming to you.”  Being the Student Member of the Board of Education is a big responsibility, for those who like a challenge.

Although meetings start at one p.m. and can end at any time after six, it is definitely worth the time to get involved in the Board of Education. Adeleke’s advice for her successors is simply “Enjoy your time.”