On the Move: Floating Teachers

On the Move: Floating Teachers

Every day, they can be found among the students, skillfully navigating their carts through the busy hallways of North Point. These teachers, known as floaters, are without a permanent classroom to call their own.

Due to the limited space at North Point, some teachers have to pay the sacrifice of giving up their classrooms and switching from classroom to classroom in order to teach their classes. This year, North Point has a total of nineteen floating teachers.

One of the nineteen floaters include history teacher Ms. Pratta. This is her first year floating at North Point, but she is familiar to the concept from floating at Lackey High School, where she previously taught. Since Ms. Pratta was only teaching four classes this year, she had to pass along her classroom to a teacher who was teaching six. She finds floating to be very hectic and says you must always be well prepared and organized. One of the daily duties of a floating teacher is quickly logging into various classroom computers and pulling up their lessons for the day.

“You have to be on time and ready to move when the students are ready to move,” Ms. Pratta explained. “Floating isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but I miss my old classroom and being surrounded by history.”

Some teachers like Ms. Lehrter do not mind floating as much and even volunteered to be one. She enjoys always knowing she has her office with her own computer to return to at the end of the day. “End of the year clean up is always easy,” Ms. Lehrter commented.

Several floating teachers concluded that one of the greatest benefits of floating was not having homeroom every morning. As more students continue to flow in, floating teachers seem to be a trend that will not be leaving North Point soon.