New Sponsors on the Block

This school year, the class of 2016 will be introduced to two new class sponsors. These new sponsors are Ms. Kathryn Wieczorek and Mr. Brian Miller. They both seem excited to do the job.

          A class sponsor organizes events and fundraising for each individual class. These two teachers have agreed to do a big job. They will organize all of the events and fundraising activities for the class of 2016 over the next four years.

         Wieczorek is new to the job of being a sponsor, while it is Miller’s second year, but first at North Point. Wieczorek says that based on the experience over the last month, it is enjoyable, but also kind of hectic. Miller said, “It is a learning experience, being new to it.”

          Many students don’t realize how much extra work these sponsors have to do for their class when the students aren’t around. The sponsors have to print and send out newsletters and slips of paper, telling the students about activities and fundraising. They do a lot of extra work just so they can keep activities and fundraising organized, all in benefit of the Class of 2016.

          Wieczorek agreed to take this job because she liked working with students out of the classroom because she gets more one on one time with them. Miller also likes interacting with students outside the classroom.

           Both teachers are ready to go. Wieczorek stated, “I’m excited about spending four years with the 2016 class.” Miller says that it is interesting getting to see the students grow and develop, when you only get to see your students in class for a year.